Piano Lessons – The Woodlands, TX



There are a few ways to teach someone how to play piano. Most schools will focus on reading for almost a year before you actually learn how to play a song…not a song that you like, but a song from your music book. I know that’s not how I’d like to learn how to play the piano!

Learning an instrument should be fun. You should also learn to play the music that inspired you to want to play. When we teach you to play piano we will teach you to play the songs you want to learn. While teaching you songs we also teach you the music theory behind it.

Mr. Austin is such an awesome piano instructor! His love of music can directly be seen on how he teaches his students, he knows how to unfold their innate abilities, from proper finger placement to composing their own song. His constructive, subtle critique makes his students eager to learn more. A 5 star rating to a mentor who aptly utilizes the A-Z of music! -Jackie

Piano Lessons, The woodlands TX
Piano Lessons, The woodlands TX
Piano Lessons, The woodlands TX