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Music Lessons in The Woodlands, TX

We want you to experience Music Lessons like you NEVER have before! We strive to make lessons FUN! We don’t want you to ever feel like lessons are a chore, or are to difficult and boring! Forget the old school way of boring monotonous lessons, our modern approach to music lessons is what keeps our students engaged and progressing each and every week!

Want something different for your family? We make music easy.

We’ve been at this for quite some time (est. 2009) and have learned what works best overall for a music lesson experience that will:

  • Grow Your Child’s Confidence

  • Give 3 Skills Of  Participation, Perseverance, and Performance

  • Show Measurable Progress

Our AWESOME instructors specialize in FUN lessons that keep kids engaged and wanting more!

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Whatever music moves you, be it rock, metal, the blues, pop or country you can be assured that Pro Music Instruction teaches both the electric and acoustic guitar in all styles to everyone, to the new rocker, advanced player, or somewhere in between. So let us help you become the guitar star you want to be as we expertly guide you through everything from learning your favorite songs to advanced theory. Our fun but challenging lessons are taught via personalized goal based Guitar Lesson curriculum, lessons are then given in-depth reinforcement through our comprehensive weekly progress checks with our students and parents. Pro Music Instruction students LOVE to practice and always show up to their lessons with a smile on their face, eager to enjoy learning and most importantly playing music!


Our piano instructors teach a variety of styles ranging from classical to popular music. Whether you are new to piano or have been playing for years our instructors are dedicated to helping you with your goals to become an accomplished pianist.

Our piano instructors will expertly guide students through everything from the fundamentals of sight-reading to advanced technique and theory. Your favorite songs are also included in your piano lessons. Why? Because happy students are motivated students, which always equals success!


Pro Music Instructions drum students –as with all our students– love music. Be it rock, metal, jazz, funk, blues, or any number of different styles, they are dedicated to learning the rhythmic language of drumming.

Our drum instructors can challenge any drum student with a wide variety of fun technical exercises. Exercises are goal orientated and are designed to improve any student’s drumming techniques and musical skills. Our Modern drum facilities have all the tools and recording devices to learn and capture our students progress, whether that be additional supplemental video lessons or full blown drum cover videos.


Our ukulele instructors teach a variety of styles ranging from traditional ukulele songs to modern music. Whether you are new to ukulele or have been playing for years our instructors are dedicated to helping you with your goals to become an accomplished player and musician.

Our ukulele instructors will expertly guide students through everything from the fundamentals of sight-reading to chord progressions and song structures. Our lesson programs include learning today’s popular songs to create a full rounded learning experience that is not only educational but fun!



For those who have always wanted to be a rock, pop, country, jazz, gospel or R&B singer, then we certainly have the pitch-perfect voice instructor just for you! Every week our vocal students enjoy the challenge of physical exercises that are specifically designed to improve expressive range, ear training, breathing control, vibrato, tone development, enunciation and, much more.

Our instructors set personal goals for their vocal lessons. Along with your instructor, you can work on sounding like your favorite artists. We also provide multiple opportunities for students to perform in public through performance events, and record and develop their own music. Whatever may be your goals, we’ll help you find your voice in a fun, challenging way!

Check out what our AWESOME students are saying!

  • 5 star review  Matt is such an amazing teacher and I feel like I've learned so much in the short time I've been there. Always super accommodating and always so positive, I'd recommend Pro Music Instruction to anyone looking to get into music!

    thumb Emily Peak

    5 star review  Been teaching here since the doors opened in 2009. Such a positive learning environment and I look forward to going in and teaching along side the best music instructors in The Woodlands!

    thumb Matt Smith

    5 star review  Matt is such a great guy and teacher! I highly recommend Matt if you are looking for someone to teach you how to play the drums. He was so patient with me as a complete beginner. I really enjoyed my time with him.

    thumb Kathlyn Lee

    5 star review  Simply put, Matt is an amazing instructor. His passion for music and for teaching are abundantly evident in every lesson. I walk out of every one feeling that I've learned something and I'm instilled with the confidence to improve each and every week. I highly recommend.

    thumb Josh Fetner
  • 5 star review  My daughter takes guitar lessons from Curtis and absolutely loves him! He’s an excellent teacher and tailors all of the instruction and music selection to my daughter’s skills and musical taste. The guys up there are great to work with, are very flexible, and leave you anxious to come back for more lessons. We love PMI!

    thumb David Gregory

    5 star review  Matt Smith is not only a true professional, but also a mentor and friend to my student-learner. Matt is knowledgeable, patient and shows a genuine interest in his students. My son looks forward to his percussion lessons each week!

    thumb Ashley Johnson

    5 star review  Great instructors who work well with people of all ages. Their drumming instructor, Matt Smith, has a great attitude and has a long history of playing with equally talented musicians in the area. He's involved with the learning process and makes sure that students enjoy what they're doing! Give them a call and jam!

    thumb Alex Lorenzana

    5 star review  Honestly, Curtis has taught me so much about production and aspects of music-making that I’ve actually become more inspired to pursue my hobby further. Now I can’t listen to any music the same — I’m always hearing his snippets and critiques that we discussed. Would recommend, he is a god amongst mere mortals. And he has great hair. 🔥

    thumb Oneal Abdulrahim
  • 5 star review  Been taking drum lessons from Matt Smith for over a year. At 34 years old after wanting to learn how to play drums for the better part of my life I decided to jump right in with weekly 30 minute lessons. I searched around the area and decided to give Matt a try. The facility is clean and comfortable with plenty of space to learn. Matt is an excellent instructor and one of the most personable guys I know. His technical musical ability is very high-level and so is his ability to teach. I can't suggest this studio and Matt enough. My progression and understanding have come on quick and I couldn't be more please.

    thumb Joel Heinen

    5 star review  I took drum lessons from Matt from January through April 2022. He is strongly educated with music reading and theory. He really hones in on what makes a drummer a great drummer. I’ve been a drummer for 12 years before I started taking lessons from him and even then I was learning and evolving into an even better drummer. I highly recommend Matt for drum lessons for any level of drummer!

    thumb Matthew Kerzee

    5 star review  Matt Smith is one of the most positive and talented drum instructors that I have attended. He listens to what the students want to learn and builds the lesson plan. Each lesson plan is custom built to the student. I went through numerous instructors and Matt is by far the best and 5 stars everyday of the week!

    thumb NT_ Racing

    5 star review  I’ve been taking drum lessons with Matt for roughly a year and a half and I’ve loved it! I’m motivated to practice each week which has allowed me to get better and better. The studio looks awesome with the fresh new makeover!

    thumb Aysha Welch
  • 5 star review  My 8 year old daughter has been working with Matt for a year now. She loves her lessons with him. It’s so awesome that she actually looks forward to her music lessons! He’s helping her work on learning songs that she listens to and loves, which makes a huge difference when it comes to practicing. More than anything Matt has helped her increase her confidence and love of music I couldn’t have imagined a better experience for my beginner drummer 😊

    thumb Zura Johnson

    5 star review  I have been studying with Matt for over two years now and I have learned and had so much fun that I only regret not doing this earlier in my life. Matt is an awesome instructor, with a bag full of great musical resources, the studio is very comfortable with 2 drum sets were we jam, learn new stuff and have tons of fun. Thanks to Matt I did a great progress in my playing, music reading and understanding of drums, today I am playing things I only dreamed of in the past. This is a great environment were kids, parents and oldies like me come to enjoy music, strongly recommend !

    thumb Juan Manuel Maranga

    5 star review  My son has been taking drum lessons at Pro Music Inst. from Matt Smith for about 6 months and I can't say enough great things about this place! My son's drumming has dramatically improved and he loves coming to his lessons because it's such a wonderfully positive and motivating environment. After my son mastered a difficult song, Matt even produced a music video of my son playing the song. From what I hear, all of the instructors at Pro Music Instruction are high-quality and professional. Parents will also love that all music instructions rooms have windows and all lessons are videotaped for safety and transparency.

    thumb lori mannel

    5 star review  First time visit and they were awsome.

    thumb Selene Aviles
  • 5 star review  I take drum lessons from Matt Smith and he is absolutely awesome. Learning a new musical skill as an adult can be a little more difficult and he has been nothing but patient and motivating the entire time. Matt brings an energy to the lessons that is unparalleled. Adult or child, I definitely recommend this studio. The other instructors (guitar, voice, piano) that I have encountered have all been very welcoming and friendly every time I come in. There’s such a good vibe about this place that makes you want to come back!

    thumb Amber Joy Day

    5 star review  Very friendly and knowledgeable instructor, Melissa. My daughter enjoyed her first keyboard lesson, and is set to go weekly.

    thumb Abdullah Khan

    5 star review  My daughter started lessons right before the fall semester began, and within the first two weeks, I could tell that she was advancing in her drum skills, and just loving it. Matt Smith is such a great teacher - he connects his excitement for music with each student on a personal level. My daughter can’t wait to play for the youth service sometime next year!

    thumb Hannah Yau

    5 star review  At first, I didn't think my kids would be into music, but they were asking about learning and I found Pro Music online. Best decision ever, my kids love coming here each week and look forward to their lessons with their awesome instructors. I would of never of guessed that they would of taken keen to music and now our house is filled with it! If I could give 10 stars I would, thanks guys and well see you next week!

    thumb Jerry “Bones” Summerfield

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