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Music Lessons in The Woodlands, TX

We want you to experience Music Lessons like you NEVER have before! We strive to make lessons FUN! We don’t want you to ever feel like lessons are a chore, or are to difficult and boring! Forget the old school way of boring monotonous lessons, our modern approach to music lessons is what keeps our students engaged and progressing each and every week!

Want something different for your family? We make music easy.

We’ve been at this for quite some time (est. 2009) and have learned what works best overall for a music lesson experience that will:

  • Grow Your Child’s Confidence

  • Give 3 Skills Of  Participation, Perseverance, and Performance

  • Show Measurable Progress

Our AWESOME instructors specialize in FUN lessons that keep kids engaged and wanting more!

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Whatever music moves you, be it rock, metal, the blues, pop or country you can be assured that Pro Music Instruction teaches both the electric and acoustic guitar in all styles to everyone, to the new rocker, advanced player, or somewhere in between. So let us help you become the guitar star you want to be as we expertly guide you through everything from learning your favorite songs to advanced theory. Our fun but challenging lessons are taught via personalized goal based Guitar Lesson curriculum, lessons are then given in-depth reinforcement through our comprehensive weekly progress checks with our students and parents. Pro Music Instruction students LOVE to practice and always show up to their lessons with a smile on their face, eager to enjoy learning and most importantly playing music!


Our piano instructors teach a variety of styles ranging from classical to popular music. Whether you are new to piano or have been playing for years our instructors are dedicated to helping you with your goals to become an accomplished pianist.

Our piano instructors will expertly guide students through everything from the fundamentals of sight-reading to advanced technique and theory. Your favorite songs are also included in your piano lessons. Why? Because happy students are motivated students, which always equals success!


Pro Music Instructions drum students –as with all our students– love music. Be it rock, metal, jazz, funk, blues, or any number of different styles, they are dedicated to learning the rhythmic language of drumming.

Our drum instructors can challenge any drum student with a wide variety of fun technical exercises. Exercises are goal orientated and are designed to improve any student’s drumming techniques and musical skills. Our Modern drum facilities have all the tools and recording devices to learn and capture our students progress, whether that be additional supplemental video lessons or full blown drum cover videos.


Our ukulele instructors teach a variety of styles ranging from traditional ukulele songs to modern music. Whether you are new to ukulele or have been playing for years our instructors are dedicated to helping you with your goals to become an accomplished player and musician.

Our ukulele instructors will expertly guide students through everything from the fundamentals of sight-reading to chord progressions and song structures. Our lesson programs include learning today’s popular songs to create a full rounded learning experience that is not only educational but fun!



For those who have always wanted to be a rock, pop, country, jazz, gospel or R&B singer, then we certainly have the pitch-perfect voice instructor just for you! Every week our vocal students enjoy the challenge of physical exercises that are specifically designed to improve expressive range, ear training, breathing control, vibrato, tone development, enunciation and, much more.

Our instructors set personal goals for their vocal lessons. Along with your instructor, you can work on sounding like your favorite artists. We also provide multiple opportunities for students to perform in public through performance events, and record and develop their own music. Whatever may be your goals, we’ll help you find your voice in a fun, challenging way!

Check out what our AWESOME students are saying!

  • Curtis is amazing, love the practicality & theory he brings to our lessons. 10/10 recommend

    Jamie Varela Avatar Jamie Varela

    Ms.Jordan is fantastic!!! My 6 years-old kid has started her piano lesson here. Now, she can play her favorite songs and it's a big motivation for her to keep practicing.

    Care Weeraya Avatar Care Weeraya

    Have a lot of fun learning songs learning new techniques

    Stacy Pham Avatar Stacy Pham

    Pro Music academy is a great place to learn music. My son is learning Piano with Miss. Jordan and she is an amazing teacher. She is passionate about teaching piano and can be noticed when my son plays piano at home. I highly recommend Pro Music to everyone who wants to learn and pursue music.

    Mayur Mane Avatar Mayur Mane
  • Matt, is amazing. I’m 52 and I thought I was going to have problems staying motivated to go to my classes, but Matt makes sure that I always want to go and not only that, but that I always want to practice at home. So far, so good! 5 starts indeed!

    Mario Munoz Avatar Mario Munoz

    Rosemary is a great teacher! Definitely recommend

    Lizeth Solis Avatar Lizeth Solis

    I take guitar lessons with Curtis. Lessons are technically simple. And progression is at your own pace.

    Thomas Manners Avatar Thomas Manners

    Amazing teacher! Very patient and kind and knowledgeable. My piano has improved so much with her!

    Cindy Danger Avatar Cindy Danger
  • My daughter has been taking piano lessons with Jordan since January and we are blown away with how much she has learned in such a short time. She makes learning music fun, which makes my daughter WANT to be there! It's literally the highlight of her week! So glad we found PMI!

    Andrea Becker Avatar Andrea Becker

    Curtis is great - he’s very patient with my 13 year old and even more so with me! Very knowledgeable and excited to share his talents with his students.

    Daniel Fielder Avatar Daniel Fielder

    Curtis is really cool guy & even better guitar teacher! Dude rocks!! Highly recommended

    Sean Salinas Avatar Sean Salinas

    Curtis is an extremely talented, knowledgeable, and passionate guitar instructor. My son gets stoked to come rock out and improve his skills every week at PMI — highly recommended. 🎸🤘🏼

    Alan Valek Avatar Alan Valek
  • Very friendly and a patient teacher

    Derek Smith Avatar Derek Smith

    Very friendly and knowledgeable instructor, Miss Jordan. My daughter's enjoy their paino lessons and have learned so much. Highly recommended.

    Abdullah Khan Avatar Abdullah Khan

    My daughter started piano with Ms. Jordan at age 6 and has enjoyed all her lessons. She is always eager to come to piano class because the lessons are tailored to her level and interests. She has learned so much already within just half a year!

    Jackie Clinton Avatar Jackie Clinton

    Curtis has been teaching my son guitar for the past four years. He has been amazing at helping him become a better musician. Since then, my son plays violin at the school orchestra, but loves playing guitar and still goes to lessons with Curtis. One of the things he loves most is that Curtis let’s him pick his favorite songs to learn how to play them. I strongly recommend Curtis if you want to learn to play the guitar or become better at it.

    Pamela Ebbs Avatar Pamela Ebbs
  • Jordan is such a great piano teacher, she keeps my son engaged and having fun, while still holding him accountable. He loves piano and his teacher so much! My daughter also takes guitar with Curt. She played the violin for two years, and he has made her transition into guitar so easy! Thank you!

    Aubrey Avatar Aubrey

    My daughter loves taking lessons with Ms. Jordan. She has progressed in her singing abilities and has started learning piano. Jordan stops and communicates with all of her students and parents after each lesson. Jordan has a positive personality and is an awesome music teacher. I would gladly refer any of my friends to her!

    Denise Tsamouris Avatar Denise Tsamouris

    I’m a middle aged dad who finally decided to learn some of the great guitar licks I’ve loved for over forty years. Curtis has taught me the licks are the easy part, but the joy and genuine satisfaction come from actually learning to play. I’m a long way from where I want to be but each week Curtis helps me get a little closer. He not only teaches me notes and chords but the science of the music too. His enthusiasm is infectious. Lessons are one of my favorite parts of the week.

    Chad Williams Avatar Chad Williams

    Excellent teacher and his method is excellent as well. If you are like me, who have being playing drums for years now and never took lessons, or lasted more than a month taking lessons, Matt is the instructor you need. He will find where to start with you so you don’t have to start with the basic stuff. He will take you from where you are to where you are supposed to be.

    Nestor A. Cortes Rivera Avatar Nestor A. Cortes Rivera

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